My library is missing artwork

My library is totally messed up, tons of missing art work to the point I’m wondering if it would be quicker to delete and start again. Was previously all ok, but now a lot of movies have a random frame from the film instead of a cover. If I long press, edit meta data, choose the film (often the only one). It “sometimes” updates, other times I need to back out and re-fresh the list.

Diag: 32036


Sorry for the trouble.

More info on this issue can be found here.

So after my issues with the library i again opted to delete all meta data and let it redownload it all as it was quicker than trying to fix the individual ones. I was hoping that all the improvements around metadata and search might fix some of the auto detect issues I have with some movies, as 2 examples …

Life.[2015].1080p.mp4 … Detects as “Life of Pi” from 2012
Run.[2013].1080p.mp4 … Detects as “Hit & Run” from 2012

Even though, the year is wrong and the title doesn’t match, every time I delete and reload my library I have multiple incorrect metadata issues. Can you not add a second check to the metadata matching to ensure the full movie title is there? Or that the year at least matches? When I look at the “Edit Metadata” list I can see obviously which one it should be based on Title and Year??


First, Life 2015 is strange that it doesn’t come up first but if you do an edit metadata it does offer the 2015 movie as an option.

The second one Run is easier to explain, it is a mini-series and won’t show as a movie. if you use “Run S01E01 (2013) 1080p.mp4” it will find the first episode of it.

Not great news but it’s what happens.

This is because life of pi has a release date in 2015, just not in the US and is much more popular than Life. I think there is an api code for the specific release year but might cause more problems than it fixes.

Shouldn’t an exact match take priority over a close one? Life 2015 should first bring up any exact matches then offer things like Life of Pi as an option.

This is my point exactly, neither files match exactly the Metadata they were given, yet there IS an exact match in the list of Metadata offered when choosing “Edit Metadata”. I think there needs to be more checking or at least a reverse check that the chosen metadata matches the title of the file, even if they just used the year for confirmation, that would help. I’d rather have no metadata, than incorrect metadata.


This is just how TMDb search works. If you go there and do a search like infuse does “Life y:2015” it gets the order presented in infuse. I had the same issue with another movie and the developers informed me how it works.

There is primary release year that might work, but not sure if that will pose a problem with incorrect matches

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I did the “clear all metadata” re-index and it cleared up all my new problems.

Although it says it’s 1GB now, I thought it was previously smaller, like 300 or 400 MB, but I could be mistaken.

I do have a few odd things in there if I really dig around, but I don’t know If those are new or if they’ve been there forever.