My Journey on building personal media library

Firstly I want to say to the team: “Infuse is the best remote player and solution I ever use for years”
I playing around on the private media library for years from XBMC on modified xbox, Hard drive with media functions, ITX HTPC, android boxes
… and tons of wireless keyboard and multimedia remote
suffering on media video sound format, and also subtitles (I am a Chinese user)

My lately setup is Qnap HS251 fanless NAS 6T and direct TV out with KODI.
SO far its working good for 2 years and I looking for the way to extend it remotely.

I got a WD mypassport wireless PRO 2T with my library on the go for unsure internet connection situation, like plane and during vacation
(sadly need to prepare before the trip). This is how I meet Infuse.

And another case when I visit my friends, I can use webdav to browse back to my home’s NAS, Infuse also work great with this situation,
but its depend on the connection on both side.

Recently I searching for another ways to do this. I scheduled files sync to Amazon Cloud Drive (unlimited storage @59.99 / year ! cheap!)
I use nPlayer to connect to my amazon account and it works! that means it just request 1 side’s internet connection to archive the goal
and it will be great to share my entire library to my friends without any disturb while I playing PS4 Street Fighter online battle at home same time .
But… there just a little piece missing on nPlayer, the beautiful media meta list.


suggestion for Infuse : supporting of network drive now depends on the app’s “open with” function, which means the app need download the whole file before send to the Infuse. Its not good for any 5-10gb HD movie mkv … Is it possible to add browse support and steaming ?

  • sorry for my poor english and I hope this reach the team, thanks for the good works!