my Iomega NAS is not staying mounted?

I recently got a Iomega Home Network Media drive that I have on my network that is also connected to my ATV.

It was working great, auto-mounting and I did not have to think about it until a few days ago.

I replaced my Airport Extreme with a Time Capsule and since then (no idea if related), I have had the issue of the NAS drive not staying mounted. It mounts fine via afp, but if I go away from my ATV for awhile and come back, it is no longer mounted and I have to mount and reboot the ATV in order to watch content on the NAS drive.

I tried to create a manual sharepoint and save it, but I got confused about a few items (I watched the screencast, but it did not answer my questions)

I will list everything that might be related to this issue for any feedback you can provide.


ATVFlash and Nito Smart Installer are up to date (as of 3/19/2010)

The Iomega NAS is available as a “guest” login (this was one question I had via the manual sharepoint creation, is the “Guest” login NO authentication?

I found this tutorial and I will follow it to see if it helps, but I am not sure what to do about “guest” login and authentication?

Before I installed the Time Capsule I had a USB going from the Iomega to my ATV as well as the Iomega being on the network, but I found out the USB port on the Iomega is not an transfer point, it is a access point, much like the one on the ATV, so I figure it was best to not have that cable connected?

I now have three saved manual sharepoints that I have created, how do I get rid of them in case they are conflicting?

Thanks very much for any help.


Is your drive connected to the Time Capsule or a networked computer? If connected to a computer is the computer being shut down or being put into Standby mode? Is your AppleTV connected via a wired or wireless connection.

FYI, unused share points can be removed through the ‘edit’ menu. Highlight the share point to be removed, and press the right arrow (>>) button to access the edit menu. The remove option will be near the bottom of the list.

Both the ATV and the Iomega are head connected to the Time Capsule.