My home cloud duo

I have been using Infuse for quite a time now. It has always been connected to my Myhome cloud duo and everything worked fine, but since a few days all my folders are gone. They are still in my cloud, but infuse does only show two folders without movies. Those folders do not exist anymore, but infuse shows only them instead of the folders that are really on my drive.
Can anyone help.

It’s probably time to think of moving to a new NAS system.

WD isn’t supporting it anymore and it’s a bit long in the tooth. I relegated my MyCloud to being a back up of a back up and went with Synology and no regrets.

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Tank you.
I managed to access the public folder, which is not shown in my WD App, through my Mac.
Now everything works fine again.
But I am really considering just to use my Mycloud as a back up storage and to give Synology a try.
Western Digital has given me to many headaches during the last 2 years.

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I don’t think you’ll regret it, they’re solid and “just work”.

I kept mine in the primary storage loop for a while after getting my Synology NAS and after several months of flawless use of the Synology I took the WD out of the primary server position and just use it now as some double back up and mostly testing files.