My External USB HD as a primary not work

I install ATVFlash 4.5 and run nito smart installer.  but it can not change itunes storage from internal to external.  It always shows “NO Device Found”. I reboot ATV1 (Silver) so many times.  My External HD is LaCie 1TB.  Any recommendation is needed.  

Just to get the particulars out of the way:

Apple TV 1st Generation (Silver) OS v3.0.2

ATVFlash 4.5 (purchased 3 days ago)

Seagate 2TB USB 3.0 Externally Powered Expansion Drive

Disclaimer Opinion:

Truthfully, these guys “kind of” have the right directions, but too many unknown factors to consider that would prevent you from a “one size” fits all experience.

Mostly have to use workarounds to successfully get your drive to work with the ATVFlash.  Also, you will run into other glitches.

Followed all of the steps as advised on the website and then tampered as follows (this only applies if you are a Windows 7 user).

Plugged the HD into a USB port and the system wouldn’t recognize it.  Went to Disk Management and voila there it is.  Now the caveat! It tells me that the ATVFlash NITO Installer worked correctly in the partition, but just wouldn’t take it a step further, SO I downloaded Paragon HFS + HD bridge for Win 7.  No sooner, after install, BAM, Win 7 assigned a drive letter and it was seen as an HFS+ drive that could be accessed as a normal volume.  Did the Apple TV sync with only one small file in iTunes.  

Unplugged the HD and plugged into ATV.  Setup for External and BAM! quick format, reboot and it was up and running.  iTunes then ended up treating it like a brand new ATV and it works and it shows as a massive 2TV drive.

exFAT, NTFS, FAT32 all eventually will show with tampering and persistence, but will create grief and a tail chase beyond your imagination.

Go with HFS + and you will be VERY VERY happy at how quickly this works.

Issues?  Plenty.  NitoTV disappeared.  Shows as installed, but that’s about it.  I’ll post as soon as I figure out more.