my external imac only mounts when i reboot

Something strange happens. I have two directories on my imac crammed with movies, on e is Downloads, and the other is Movies. Nito can see the bonjour mac so I add two manual share points through SMB under these two directories following the directions on the atv flash video, and on this forum. I also enable the Auto Mount option. Now everytime I try mounting those two directories I get two different errors, depending on the mood of the ATV: One basically says “can’t allocate region” and the other one “/scratch/movies” (don’t know about this scratch directory) Server is busy. I go to files under nito and Sapphire and it’s empty.

NOW… I force a reboot with “Menu and -” and magiaclly both volumes appear there. But after some time of inactivity, probably when the Imac’s HD goes to sleep, I lose the mount and have to reboot again.

I am obviously not doing anything wrong in terms of the parameters of the mount points, otherwise it wouldn’t auto-mount at reboot, so where is the fault in this?

Thank you, guys.

If the iMac is being shut off or is going to sleep you will want to unmount the shares from the AppleTV. This can be easily done by highlighting them in the nitoTV → Files menu and pressing the left arrow (<<) button.