My experience with Firecore

I thought I’d share my experience of dealing with Firecore.
I purchased an Atv2 about a week before the 5.1 update, and successfully Jailbroke it following the instructions on the FirecoreI site. I also paid my 30 USB for theFlash, but was never able to get it to work. I kept getting the Error 9.100 (from memory). The support from FirecoreI didn’t really happen and after trying may fixes suggested on the forum, I asked for a refund.
FirecoreI were quick it returning my money, which was good, however I really wish the Flash had worked.
The forum is a good source of information, but quite technical at times for those new to this game.
I will pay for the Flash again once one is available for 5.1 and atv3, I just hope it works this time.