My Cloud Home Problem Setting Up Share

Hi guys,

I’ve used your app for a long time now and have been subscribed as a Pro Member for pretty much all that time. I recently bought an updated Hard Drive, the My Cloud Home Duo, but I didn’t realise upon purchase that the folks at Western Digital got the ideas of making things harder for people, and making things easier for people completely mixed up.

So here’s my issue. As a standard, WD only allow you to access private folders using their actual utility which is called WD Discovery. There is a way to access a public folder, by manually typing in the SMB address and connecting from there. I’ve had a fiddle about with it trying to add it as a share on the Infuse app, but I’m struggling to get it to recognise the share.

In the address bar I’m putting the SMB address that allows me to access the public folder on my computer (smb://guest:guest@MYCLOUD-143172/Public), but I don’t know whether this is right for the Infuse App, or whether there’s some other stuff I’m missing.

And to hopefully further assist, here’s the specific product in question: WD My Cloud Home Duo 4TB - Coolblue - Voor 23.59u, morgen in huis

Any help you guys could provide on this would be appreciated.


I have a WDMycloud drive. It’s not quite the same as yours, but hopefully what I do can be of help.
To connect to my drive via Infuse, I got to Add Files / via Network Share.
The Address of the drive is either the network name, or IP address
i.e. in my case I would simple put “\wdmycloud\Public” or “\Public”

I then leave the username/password blank so it will connect using the Guest account. That is it.

Through my WD web setup I am able to add a named user and then allow that user access to all the folders on my WD.
In that case, when I add my drive above I would put the username/password of that user, and then I have access to all drives.

Good luck

I think you’ll find that the “WD MyCloud Home” is a world different from “WD MyCloud” There have been several other users that have had nightmares trying to use the “Home” version. If you do a search for “WD MyCloud Home” you can read through some of the discussions and you may find something that will work for you but it hasn’t been easy for others if at all possible.

If I remember correctly I believe that the Home version required a https connection and couldn’t use a local web browser directly without being routed through the WD site. Take this with a grain of salt though because I may be off on the particulars.