My Book - An error occurred

Randomly one of my My Book external hard drives lost connection to infuse somehow and it says “An error occurred The network folder can’t be located.”

I have been going at it and I can’t for the life of me get to read my hard drive. My 2nd external hard drive is working fine with Infuse.

Any of you smart people have this error or have any ideas?

What is the My Book attached to? What type of server?

Also is the second drive that is working also a My Book?

It’s attached to my iMac.

Yes, the second drive is a My book is well.

I’d check the Sleep Timer on both and see it it’s turned off on one and turned on in the other. It sounds like the drives going to sleep and not waking fast enough to be read.

If it fails to be found can you right away do another scan for changes and see if it’s had a chance to wake and be read?

She’s awake, I just can’t get Infuse to recognize the data on the drive. I’ve tried scanning for changes all night while trying to tinkering with it, but it still says the same network error. I checked the network names and tried renaming the drives but still the same thing.

If you do a get Info on the drive that’s not being seen does it have Sharing checked?

Maybe a silly thing to ask too, have you tried shutting down the iMac and unplugging both drives and then connect everything back and start back up?

I ejected the drives and rebooted them.

But did you shut down the iMac after you ejected the drive and then restart the iMac?

Ha, now I can’t connect my iMac to shares. It tells me incorrect username and password. I’m good at going backwards, it’s going forward which is difficult.

updated-I fixed that. Now I am back to square one with the network error from one of my books. oh well.

As a test, do a shut down, then leave the usb cables plugged into the iMac and unplug the drives from those cables and swap the drives and start the iMac. This will eliminate the USB port and drive cables from the list of possible problems. If you still can’t access the same drive after the swap then the ports and cables are good. Then on to the next path. :+1:

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No go, still the same "An error occurred The network folder can’t be located.”

There has to be something I’m missing. The configuration of both drives is the exact same way.

If you highlight both drives on the iMac desktop and do a get info so you see both drive info windows side by side then compare both sharing settings and user access are they the same?

Yeah, same.

Okay, going back to the start. You said randomly, were you getting both drives at times and only one other times or did the second drive just disappear and not return?

What version number of Infuse and what MacOS version?

What protocol are you connecting to the iMac with? SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc?

When you created the share, did you use the IP like or did you use the network name for your iMac like MyMac.local?

Both drives have always been running on the same iMac.
Most Current Version of Infuse 7.4
Lion (I know its old)

Trying to understand what you meant by the above.

Gotcha. I was getting both drives at the same time, and then I went to watch a movie, I realized that a bulk of my movies were missing. I looked deeper and noticed the drive had the error in infuse. I didn’t change or update anything on that iMac.

I also tried on my 2015 iMac running Monterey and the same error shows.

@NC_Bullseye what do you use Synology?