My ATV4k infuse app stops fetching when in screensaver

Is there an option i can use so that it runs while the tv is off/atv4k is in screensaver? Im on an oled so cant keep it running forever unfortunately. Its been fetching details for 280k+ since yesterday and keeps resetting slowly.

Using an ATV4k 3rd generation. Weirdly goes faster when on wifi than gigabit ethernet for some reason but I’ve already sent a diagnostics email about that. Any input/help would be great. If theres any option to make it load in the background so i dont have to wait a minute or two for the up next to update would be great too. Cheers

I set the ATV screen saver “Start After” time to never then go to Infuse and start the fetching then turn off the TV. That way the ATV never goes into screen save and the fetching continues. After it’s done just reset the Start
After time.

When i turn off the tv it also stops fetching. Weird

My guess is you have CEC enabled on your tv and ATV and when you turn off your TV it turns off (puts in standby) the ATV. You may need to turn CEC off.

Also there appears to be a problem with the app background app refresh and you can follow that in this thread.

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That must be it! Thank you very much

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Alternative suggestion:

My TVs, and possibly many others, have a feature (often in the sleep timer part of the menu but that likely varies by manufacturer) wherein you can turn off the screen (turn off power to the screen — it will look like the TV is off) without turning off the TV.

Audio keeps playing, too — so if might be labeled as an audio-only mode so you can listen to music (or favorite movies you know by heart) from the TV or an attached sound system without having to leave the screen on.

When importing to Infuse I just make sure the Apple TV screensaver is off, park Infuse on the library page where the numbers of currently indexed files are displayed, and turn off the screen on my TV — but not my TV itself.

The AppleTVs still assumes my TVs are on (since if I was playing music or a movie on one of the AppleTVs I’d still hear the audio) and therefore Infuse doesn’t get put in hibernation mode.

I’ll do this before going to sleep or cooking dinner or whatever.

No need to mess with the CEC settings, if you generally rely on them (as I do).

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You’re absolutely right. I completely forgot i can just use my lg remote voice command to say turn off the screen. Tyvm

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All you guys with your fancy TVs. :wink:

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I am oled user. I have my tv connected to both the Apple TV and my Mac mini. I have a solid black picture as screensaver on both device.
I usually use the quick input switching on my tv remote to change to my Mac with the black screensaver, since sometimes there is a bug on the tvOS one.

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