My appletv & ATV non playing FullHD

Hi, in mi ATV non is posible the vision of films in FullHD whit non more of 1,5Gb, only 720p and max 1,8Gb.

¿What is the problem?

My version is 3.6.2 to updated yesterdey.


What format are the files you are attempting to view?

Hi, i am two resolutions, 720 & 1080, the actually verson of ATV is 2.4 and whith support for output HDMI 720 and 1080 compatibility.

My extensions si .mkv, whith 1,2 or 1,4Gb don’t problem, but if .mkv is great 3, 4 or 8Gb don’t posible playing, the image and sound stepped.


Do you know what the bitrate is for the files? The Apple TV only supports up to 5000kbps on some files.

I am having this same problem with high def 720p videos. They have been splice together in QT and have the .mov extension. They are over 2.1GB and all freeze a little over half way thru. Wi-fi and ethernet are the same.