My Apple TV is dead after attempting aTVFlash-black upgrade to 2.0.1

I did a software upgrade of aTVFlash-black to the new 2.0.1. released last month.  According to my PC, the installation went fine and the files transffered without issue.  But now my Apple TV just refuses to do anything - no images are tranmitted to the TV.  I have rebooted the device several times, disconnected and reconnected the power, and i managed to get the little Apple image like its doing a reboot, it last about 5 seconds, then the TV goes blank and stays blank.  No menu, nothing comes out of the device.


I need assistance with resolving this issue.


Lost in Astoria,


Do you recall the version of Apple TV software you were running before running the aTV Flash (black) installer? The 2.0 and later versions will require Apple TV 4.4 or later.

Your best option may be to re-jailbreak with the current version of Seas0nPass which will install the 5.0.2 version on your Apple TV.