Must use the same computer to tether boot?

I must use the same computer to do the jb and tetherboot correct? I can’t use a desktop to jb then a laptop to do the boot?

You can use any computer you like to run the tethered boot but it must have iTunes installed and you must download the IPSW before Seas0npass will run the tethered boot program.


Please, could you clarify which IPSW?

Original Apple TV IPSW for the corresponding version or signed IPSW created by Seas0npass during jailbreak?

Also; where does this IPSW needs to be; desktop or any particular folder?


Seasonpass IPSW I think.


If you let Seasonpass download it then it will find it and you won’t need to…

Thanks for the directions. Haven’t tried it yet.

Anyone have success with this on a new computer that wasn’t used to do the original jb?

Without question, this works. It works on any computer, “old” or new, MAC or PC, as long as you perform the one-time IPSW creation on the computer to be used to tether.  

You would not have an active EBAY and AMAZON marketplace in jailbroken tethered computers if it did not.


What is it on the new computer that requires an ipsw to be created and not use the already created ipsw from the other comp?