Must read if you experience JAILBREAKING issues: THE CABLE MATTERS A LOT!!!

I’ve decided to create this post after experiencing so much trouble jailbreaking my ATV2 just because my cable was SHITTY!

  1. My device was not recognized in iTunes (unless I plug the power cable which is wrong in DFU mode)

  2. The restore with the patched Firmware was repeatedly failing with error codes 1600, 1601 or 1602…

I had a look on the forum and spotted a few comments that hinted that the cable might be the reason. Well it WAS the reason! I went to another shop, bought a stronger, less flimsy cable and BOOM! Jailbroken! In a SMOOTH! 

I suspect that the problem is that during the restore in iTunes, the DFU mode get screwed up somehow if the cable is not good (or if you use the power cable in an attempt to “boost” the signal).

So here are the key successful hardware factors to ace your ATV2 jailbreak:

  1. A good, strong, thick cable, if possible with the electromagnetic protection (see picture).

  2. Avoid long cable, prefer short cable

  3. Avoid flimsy or thin cable, prefer thicker solid cable

  4. Your ATV2 MUST be detected in iTunes automatically when you plug it (without the power cable). If not detected, your cable is definitely WRONG.

All the best! :)


you would have thought Apple would produce a Micro USB cable for the ATV2, finding the right quality is very hard

I have the flimsy cable and that one worked just fine, i have the zagg keyboard case for my ipad, and that micro usb cable is used to charge the keyboard.


One thing i did notice was that when i had my headphones near the apple tv it would give me errors, so i put the headphones away and then it worked just fine.


SO i would say that this post is true that having a protected cable is well better. But at the same time just look where your cable is at and if there is any magnets or any other type of interfearance like a cell phone or some other device that is wireless i would say either move it away or used a protected cable.

Please feel free to post a picture of your cable here to help other people get the right cable… Don’t forget to say whether it’s a GOOD or BAD cable…



I did not have any magnets or headset near my computer and it also did not work on another location with a different computer (some people say the USB port can be a factor as well).

Do you have a EM protection on your cable? I believe it helps getting a good signal.

Anyway, just sharing as if I had seen a post like this one before I would not have bought at at mobile shop the shitty flimsy Nokia cable seen on this picture… Lucky yours is fine.


I use  cables that came with my Kindles 2&3. Works great.



Do you think having a Mac helps as well, my nephew could do mine with his MacBook and the crappy cable I had, but my Windows PC failed every time. The only way I could get into DFU was leaving the mains cable in and of course it then failed

This is the cable i used for my atv2 jailbreakins



If you're looking to purchase a new cable, a good, low cost, Belkin cable can be found here.