Must I wipe my JB'd ATV2 in order to update the OS and re-JB it?

I have a JB’d ATV2 running Nito and XBMC. The version of iOS that the ATV is running is at least 2 versions old now. I only really use XBMC so I haven’t felt any urge to update the OS but what with ever increasing Airplay functionality coming ATV’s way I’d like to update at some point.

However I’m guessing that in order to get the latest jailbreakable version of iOS on my ATV I will need to completely wipe the device, restore it to an official Apple build (without a jailbreak, Nito, XBMC), then jailbreak it all over again, then reinstall Nito and XBMC? Is that correct, or is there a way to update a JB’d ATV that won’t wipe everything?

Entering all the setup details for XBMC using the hateful ‘keyboard’ input method is enough to put me off updating, let alone the hassles involved in smoothly restoring to Apple’s build and jailbreaking, but I guess I’ll have to at some point, probably when ‘iOS5’ (or will it be iOS 4.9 for ATV? :wink: ) comes out.

You are correct.    The moment you decide to update the underlying iOS then you lose your jailbreak and have to start all over again.

Note that it is possible to update XBMC to a more current version via NitoTV.   The version available via that route dates from mid June.

Thanks - annoying that I have to wipe everything but the only real PITA is entering all the setup details into XBMC using the keyboard and that Apple remote I guess.

I also know you can update XBMC via Nito but I was never really sure if I could do that via Nito for a version of XBMC that I installed ‘manually’. Can I get a more recent version doing the Terminal route? I don’t think I’ve updated XBMC since much earlier this year actually, have there been many significant additions?

Thx for posting this question, I was asking myself the same things.


Hope there will be a smoother way to stay up to date on both iOS & aTV Flash in the future (maybe with iOS5 and its ability to do “delta” updates, i.e. without installing all the OS each an every time.


looking forward subtitles support in Media player too!!

keep up the good work guys, and thanks.