Music video playlist

I have music videos in a favourite and made a playlist of these. I use the shuffle option when I play them. No issues till this point.
After they play for awhile the music stops. On my screen is the option continue or start from the beginning. I choose continue and they play.
Later it will happen again. Not a big issue but I don’t want to carry the remote around with me to tell it to continue.
Anyone have any suggestions why this is happening.

These are items which you have previously started but not finished so they have been marked as partially viewed and it is asking whether you wish to resume from where you had reached or start from the beginning.

This generally makes sense for films / TV programs but maybe not so much for music.

There is a setting, Settings → Resume Playback, which controls the behaviour and it defaults to ‘ask’. You can change it to always start from the beginning (no), or resume from where you had reached (yes). But as this is a global setting it will affect anything that is played.

Thanks, that makes sense. Every time I stop playing, there will be a video that is partly played/watched and since I use shuffle, I don’t know when it will happen.
Since I like the resume option for movies, I can’t change that.
What I’m trying Is now to use the watching option and then when the video appears there, I mark it watched.
I just need a hint in the right direction.