Music via FTP

Is it possible to copy music via ftp to the aTV (or connected HDD) instead of syncing it with via iTnues?

I run on windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and I cannot get a stable connection between iTunes and aTV.

If it’s possible, where should I copy the music to and what program to use for playback?

If you have problems with LAN, most likely FTP will not help either…

Are you running wireless? If so, try moving your router or AppleTV to get better signal, oer move to a wired connection.

If wired, check your cabling and switches.

You can FTP them to basically any folder on the AppleTV and play them with XBMC or Boxee by browsing to them from the application.
Preferred is the music folder I assume.

Also, i preferr SSH/SCP/SFTP over FTP. As a client you can use WinSCP on windows, muCommander on Mac or Gnome-commander on Linux.


It’s not the LAN I’m having trouble with. Even if I connect to the aTV with a cable, my aTV just disappears after 2 minutes from iTunes. I found more people having this problem with win 7 and iTunes.

I use WinSCP as client so that’s cool. I’ll play my files with XMBC then.

I found the solution for a stable connection between my aTV and Win7. If anyone is interested I can drop it here if you want. Please ask me.

Please do if you have it available, as sooner or later someone will need it and find this post without the solution…

On Windows 7 machine stop the firewall related software. Leave windows 7 firewall only. From the Control panel go to windows firewall, than get in to advance settings, there you are going to see inbound and outbound settings first pick inbound and list the rules by name and remove any iTunes settings there might exist do this for the outbound as well.
Now we need to create new rules both for inbound and outbound.
Select inbound and click to make new rule than pick port from the selection than tcp protocol and port number is 3689 for tcp.
do the same again for inbound but pick udp for protocol and 5353 for the port.

Same udp and tcp rules needs to be created for outbound as well.

This will do the trick. If you’re done syncing just start your own firewall again. Or keep using the windows one.