Music support (incl. lossless FLAC, Hi-Res Flac, ALAC, etc)

The devs probably have their reasons for not going with this. But would love Music support within Infuse, or even a seperate app (better than integrating within Infuse imo), and would be willing to pay for it and looks like I am not the only one.

Can developers make similar app like Infuse, but for music with kind of same set of features (like option to stream from network storages like SMB/WebDAV etc), as currently there are no such normal app which can load/read metadata from network-drives and stream it. Currently I am using Navidrome server, but I think to be able to use just network storage access without need to run app on server-side would be useful for many people.

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yes old version can play Audio files. I don’t know why they took it out