Music support (incl. lossless FLAC, Hi-Res Flac, ALAC, etc)

It’s funny.
Admin for some reason added my post to this thread.
Music in the video player. Perhaps this is cool, but IMHO is not at all the first necessity.

But what is VERY missing and what was my post about, which for some reason was combined with this.

I have a huge number of very old serials with amateur translations in mka files. Sitting and dumping them all into mkv is complete hell.

It’s sad that this is still not in in Infuse

What about converting them to work with Apple Music ?

Doesn’t sound easier but could be fun.

Seconded. My current solution for music playback:

  • Server: Jellyfin
  • Clients: Jellyfin Media Player on macOS, Finamp on iOS

I’d love to see Firecore’s take on a music client.

This would be awesome.
Great idea!

Infuse is a great video app, but what firecore needs is another app project like MUSIC.

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