Music support (incl. lossless FLAC, Hi-Res Flac, ALAC, etc)

I don’t know about any of you but Infuse is literally the best app on the market right now and aside some issues with syncing between devices (like having to correct metadata matches on both iOS and Apple TV), it literally does everything perfectly

The only other app I need to use to browse my personal media collection is a Google Drive app due to infuse not being able to play mp3/m4a files.
Is there any way, currently in the works or thinking about, a possibility of music support being added to Infuse?

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I currently use Plex to play my multi-channel flac music files, but Plex has issues with some of my albums. Would love the ability to play these files in Infuse!

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I have a suggestion for infuse app for apple tv and iphone to play mp3 files for music using google drive

Infuse is a Video App. Why should it play mp3? Use Apple Music for mp3?

Because when we get play lists we can add music for the snack intermission before the next feature film? :wink:

Will you add audio support in the future to Infuse 2? (MP3, etc.)

I just wish that Infuse can also play different formats of audio. If this happens there will be more sales of infuse tv,o,s

I know this thread is a bit old but I am also interested in seeing Infuse being able to access audio files.

The reason I’m asking/suggesting, is that audiobooks are now no longer accessible via itunes on the AppleTV, or, in fact, in iOS at all. PLex does it, but I was hoping to switch to INfuse entirely, which I could, if it recognised audiobooks, mp3, etc.

I’d like to support this topic and idea. It would be great if Infuse can support m4a, m4b and mp3 at least.

Thanks or an amazing update.

Please, add more lossless audio formats:

APE, SHN, that were popular among live music community. So we can share and listen to music without the need to have two copies of each file - one for sharing original file and one converted to FLAC to play in Infuse.
ALAC - obvious reason, because it is widely used on Apple devices.

Plex can play all of them, transcoding some. MrMC can play them directly it seems (i see no info in plex server status though).

Thanks or attention.

At the moment inFuse is purely a video player, so only audio formats that you are likely to find embedded in a video file are supported. Your suggestion seems more applicable if support for free-standing music files is ever added?

Infuse 6 - An elegant video player | Firecore

Audio Tracks

hmm i thought you have added audio files support because of plex. oh well.

Atmos is probably the most requested feature.

I was very surprised to find that you, while supporting the MKV for a long time, for some reason have missed such a popular external audio tracks as MKA.

Please add support for MKA files (matroska audio)
if it is possible

Thank you


really wants this feature

Using MKVtoolnix to remux the external track into mkv would be a long-term solution

Time to ask the same question again…
Why will the community only get “we might look into that in the future” as an answer?
There are many that want an explantation about the roadmap and the lack of audio file support…
Are there a political reason, like Apple won’t support you if you do, or you no not like playing audio files and therefor should your customers not use your software for it?
In almost ALL other media players in the world where mp3, flac, aac, m4a etc is supported in the video files, it’s also too supported as seperate files.
Why? And why won’t you even answer? I’ve tried for 3 years, both at Twitter and at the forum.
Is that normal behaviour from a company that lives on subscription services?
Please give a sensible reply.

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Also, I’m guessing that this would be a huge addition in terms of software development, adding new categories, artwork sources, artists, libraries, data types, UI support that it’s not worth it until there is a significant number of people requesting it. Sure it probably would drive more people to the app, but that’s a balance they have to figure out. Remember infuse is a much smaller team than Plex, for instance and they are only just now adding support for macOS.

Regardless they aren’t adding any new features until after they release 7.0 and migrate from tvdb to tmdb later this spring/summer.

+1 on this. Especially getting a NATIVE music app with local and service integrations.

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