Music support (incl. lossless FLAC, Hi-Res Flac, ALAC, etc)

Would love to see music support added to Infuse. In particular I’m looking for 5.1 capability, which isn’t supported by Apple Music. Yes, these ripped FLACs can be played by my Sony Receiver or by VLC app on ATV4k, but neither supports gapless playback and as I’m listening to a lot of prog-rock and metal, where tracks run into each other, it’s really annoying.

Seems such a basic feature and yet nobody offers it - Plex does, allegedly, but the 5.1 only plays 2.0, Emby the same, it’s hopeless…

Hope you can add this, surely can’t be that difficult???




Long time Infuse user (since AppleTV2). I would absolutely love a good music player on AppleTV, I have not found one. Infuse on AppleTV2 did support music and was great. They decided not to support music on AppleTV4 onwards, why I might be the extra work but since most codecs are already in the app and the heavy lifting of GUI etc is done It might be a very good idea to for them to re-look in to it as the app has been fairly static.

Why there isn’t a music player, except VLC, is beyond comprehension. Almost like Apple is paying companies for not doing it.
On Windows that are 1000’s of them.
And 1000’s of video/media players, and don’t know a single of them that don’t also play music files.
There are also many on iPhone…
Firecore - You doesn’t need to set the bar so high, just play files, playlists and show embedded or jpg files as covers.

Why no comment from Firecore?

This is the only reason I still have Plex installed on my Apple TV. All my videos are handled by Infuse but I still need Plex to play my Flac library.

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How about an Infuse for music?

iOS is lacking both a decent music app featuring scrobbling (like trakt) and apart from VLC, which is delisted at the minute anyway, there is no (decent) app that you can transfer music to outside of iTunes (or downloading directly on the device), which as I’d like to use Linux from now on, would be great.

Seems like two decent markets could be met with what I suppose could just be a reskinned Infuse.

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Yes, it’s true. It should be perfect Infuse 3 for video and Músic.


I would also like to see support for music (MP3) to access via SMB/UPNP/DLNA and would also love to see support for music to stream to Chromecast as is now the case for (most) video files.

@Jameseh there are other apps in the App Store which do support both video and audio (but lacks opensubtitle, chromecast and automatic metadata download). I can send you the name if you want.

This is something we’re looking at for a future version.

Stay tuned.

Any update on this enhancement. This would be excellent.

Yes. Music would be an awesome addition. I’d like to add audio book files as well. The ability to stream audio and bookmark where you left off just like you already do with video.

Thanks again for this terrific app.


I actually thought Infuse already did this so was slightly disappointed to find that it didn’t once I went Pro. The website is rather ambiguous about this because it states support for DLNA and all the various audio formats. It is rather unusual to have video files which have FLAC or OGG audio tracks and so I assumed it could stream music, especially as the albums and tracks are listed when browsing the server.

Adding streaming music playback would make Infuse a much more comple product and shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

I even posted my own suggestion that sort of doubles this one. Mine is a bit different though, as it aks for photo viewing support too :-).



Any update on the music and photos viewing feature? This would make infuse my no.1 choice and would go for pro :slight_smile:


Just wanted to know would you ever consider branching out into a music app?

I am a HUGE fan of Infuse and would love if you created a similar app but for music. My IT knowledge may be poor but I am sure you could leverage off of the existing software already in place with Infuse and extend it to music? The music app options currently available for apple tv are very poor so would be a great opportunity.

Yours hopefully,


Hi all,
now that we got a pretty nice Plex integration what about adding support for music and photos from the Plex server?