Music support (incl. lossless FLAC, Hi-Res Flac, ALAC, etc)

Using MKVtoolnix to remux the external track into mkv would be a long-term solution

Time to ask the same question again…
Why will the community only get “we might look into that in the future” as an answer?
There are many that want an explantation about the roadmap and the lack of audio file support…
Are there a political reason, like Apple won’t support you if you do, or you no not like playing audio files and therefor should your customers not use your software for it?
In almost ALL other media players in the world where mp3, flac, aac, m4a etc is supported in the video files, it’s also too supported as seperate files.
Why? And why won’t you even answer? I’ve tried for 3 years, both at Twitter and at the forum.
Is that normal behaviour from a company that lives on subscription services?
Please give a sensible reply.

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Also, I’m guessing that this would be a huge addition in terms of software development, adding new categories, artwork sources, artists, libraries, data types, UI support that it’s not worth it until there is a significant number of people requesting it. Sure it probably would drive more people to the app, but that’s a balance they have to figure out. Remember infuse is a much smaller team than Plex, for instance and they are only just now adding support for macOS.

Regardless they aren’t adding any new features until after they release 7.0 and migrate from tvdb to tmdb later this spring/summer.

+1 on this. Especially getting a NATIVE music app with local and service integrations.

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One thing I would like to see come to InFuse is Music / audio support. Currently it’s a video only solution, and it works very well for that. However, I think to better compete with other solutions, at some point, shouldn’t be strictly limited to Video only.

My take is I’m ok with any thing NOT ADDED.

Plex turned into a super bloated hunk of junk and I don’t want that happing to my favorite ever software.

I have all my Pink Floyd Blu Rays in MKV form in infuse and the AppleTV has it’s own Music app which is adding HiFi (yet to be seen)


I would suggest this being a new application, not the same as the current infuse app.


Yeah, great idea. Reason for a second subscription! /s

Sounds like you should be using just Plex or another application from that type of response…

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I use both. I had my Plex pass prior to investing inFuse, and as mentioned, I mainly purchased inFuse to avoid transcoding problems at the time (which was a few years ago now.). Currently Plex has gotten better when using the Roku Plex channel to mange the media. In fact, I use the same RAID for Plex, Serviio Media Server, and InFuse. InFuse uses an SMB share, Plex is it’s native sharing, and Serviio is DLNA. I keep all three because each works better for a specific device setup. My reason for suggesting InFuse adds music support because I’m not aware of the Apple TV having any solutions for FLAC, or other lossless music. The Apple Music service has great sound, as well as does the purchased iTunes music, however, it’s not lossless. I know iOS, and macOS both natively support FLAC, and also have plenty of third party solutions. However, I’m not aware of anything for TVOS, not that I’ve looked recently.

Also, since we’ve been discussing cost here:

Here are the following costs of the products I use.

Plex Pass (about $150 for lifetime one payment)
InFuse lifetime ($45 when I paid, now $75)
Serviio Pro (one time paymen $25). As always all these have a free version as well.
DLNA via Serviio, or Plex, I typically use with my Sony UHD Blu-ray players, and while the interface isn’t as pretty as InFuse, or Plex, it’s typically stable streaming on a good local network.
InFuse of course I use with my Apple stuff, and I have installed the app on Apple TV, an iMac, and my iPhone 12 Pro Max. All seem to work smoothly together.

I wanted to share some experiences of what I use, since I’m not a fan of relying on one platform for everything, and have used multiple options out there, and have been happy for the most part doing so.

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