Music played via XMBC crashes .. no metadata support for AIF format


I bought the Apple TV 2 to be able to listen to music via my QNAP 119+ NAS . All the songs are in WAV or AIFF format. My NAS contains the Itunes folder in which there are the music . In the root folder , there are different files such as the Itunes lilbrary etc.

When I use the MacBook ; I can access the entire library , getting the CD images and the playlist.

When I bought the ATV Flash for Apple TV2 , I thought that I could get this possibility ! Is it really possible ?

Secondly , XBMC is crashing everytime I try to listen to an album… the ATV2 just freezes

I have to use the media player for that, but I have no tags in WAV or AIFF format (WAV files do not support tags , but itunes tag thepm in the itunes library file)