Music Play & Photo Streamer

Bear with me if this has been said or perhaps it already exists. I’d like to see a Music Player similar to iTunes that can load my iTunes library from my NAS. I’d also like to find a way of viewing my iPhoto or Aperture library without having to navigate through a ton of folders.


I’d also love this feature. Since we already access an external drive to play video, it would be great being able to acces our iTunes music library and iPhoto library. And I mean, library, not browsing over files. I guess it should be doable there’s already an XBMC addon that read the iPhoto library (hosted on the external drive).


Thank you

Version 2.0 can do the music part.
Wish it could do an iPhoto library too.

Can it access iTunes library and retrieve playlist? So far, I’ve just tested it out with some added songs. I have a huge library and don’t think browsing through 20.000 files would be nice :-/