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Will try and explain my problem as best I can. Please stick with me! J


I have several favourites for media player (now Infuse), these all represent a folder on my home server. Several are for DVD’s, 1 is for pictures, 1 is for home video’s and 1 is for music. When I look at the top level menu it looks something like this:


DVD – Box Sets, DVD – Kids, DVD – General, Pictures, Home Video’s, Music


Think you prob get the picture!


In my favourites I categorise by folders so in Music I have several folders either splitting up kind of music (Dance, Soul, Easy Listening, etc) or by Artist (Luther Vandross, Prince, Queen etc). Then in that folder I have another folder which is the Album so for Example: Music – Luther Vandross – Give Me The Reason, or Power Of Love, or Dance With My Father etc. In these folders, I then have the album tracks.


So here is my problem, The Music folder that shows all of my artists or genres of music displays oblong like a DVD case, the next level down (Artists Album) also does the same. I want these to display square like a CD case for the cover art. The way its displaying at the moment it thinks it’s a DVD and it cropping half the Cover Art off.


The next level down actually does this so for the individual tracks in the album, it recognises its music and displays a ‘square’ CD case for the Cover art as opposed to oblong like a DVD case.


How do I get everything in my Music folder to display square like a CD case and not like a DVD case please?


This is the only folder I to do this though as the rest are fine.


Not sure If any of the above makes sense!? J



The ability to categorise a folder as being of type that wants a square cover art is something that a number of people (myself included) have requested in the past.  So far there has been no indication that this is a planned feature.


But it must be there now/easy to do as I can see it when i look at the individual tracks, just not at an album/folder view.

James - Comments please?


I think it is one of things that sounds easy but may not turn out to be so in practise. Be interesting to see what comments James has.

It’s something we’re hoping to add at some point, but it just hasn’t materialized yet.

In the meantime you may think about using the Library feature to orgaize and browse your music. You can still setup a favorite for all music, or for certain artists or genres, and this will provide a much cleaner browsing experience…especially for music.

Hope this helps.