Music folder are empty

Hi there,

I recently purchased Infuse for my Apple tv 4K and i’m really happy with it.
All video files are playable as expected. So thumbs up.

Though all of my ripped cd’s on my share (smb) show empty folders.
None of the content it playable since I don’t see the music files.
I have a mix of Flac and mp3 files. Is there any setting(s) I need to enable in order to play music with Infuse ?
Happy to hear from you guys.

Any advice on how I could play music with Infuse as well ?


Infuse is currently not a music player … but I am hoping that sometime in the future it will become capable (maybe they are saving such a feature for Infuse 6).

The mention of the audio formats in the App Store description is about the audio formats in a video file that are supported.

Thank you for your explanation.
Like you said they mention there codecs on the frontpage, but are unable to play them.
I find that strange.

I’ll have a look if I can connect my Apple tv 4K to a share to play music from my nas.

btw I see allot of topics / comments that music is coming, though I couldn’t find the roadmap.
Are there serious plans to add music to Infuse to be able to play music files ( would be a superb addition to the excellent video player ) ?

At the moment it is more of a hope than any specific commitment as far as I know.

Current Firecore are concentrating on important video features such as;

  • improved HDR support.
  • Plex client support (I expect this to take several point releases before it has most of the features the Plex users want)
  • SMB update
  • Various improvements for Metadata support (improved matching, multi episode/file support, improve performance, searching, etc)
    but to name a few.

I would expect these to keep them busy for some time to come.

Therefore my expectation (and this is just a personal opinion) is if they did add music support it would be late this year or maybe even next year (and that assumes that there isn’t some other major ‘must have’ video feature gets added to there list over the course of this year). I would be really happy to be proved wrong and it happened sooner as I would really like music support like they had in Infuse on a jail broken ATV2.

When it appears on their list of features being worked on (or planned to be worked on) in the 1st posting in the Suggestion sub-forum we can have some confidence it will really appear; until then it is just a wish list item.

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