Music Cover Art

Hi all,

I have added some music to my media player and love the slideshow features etc. The album folder didn’t display any cover art so I added a folder.jpg image and it displays now but looks like a DVD and not CD so the sides are cut off.

How can I change the folder art so it displays like a square CD instead?


You cannot do so (at the moment at least).

I would like it if a folder can be marked as a Music (or audio) type folder and then the icon display in grid view would change to use square icons.

thanks for reply. This would be great to have in the next update!

just a note. In List Mode the Covers display well :slight_smile:

I just would like to support this request.

Please make it possible to select a view for music.

Music covers in correct ratio in a grid.


Is it correct that in grid view only the description/name of the active/selected file is shown.

For the other files only the cover is shown.

Are we the only ones who hear music on the appletv?

Does nobody else have this problem?

Please can you fix it? It disturbs to very good visual impression.

This should be much easier than all the other problems you already have solved.

Advanced views are coming soon.

Thank you for your fast feedback.

I had short look on the link and it really looks good.

But I could not see that it then will correctly display square CD covers.

(instead of cutting them to the ratio of DVD covers)

I hope it will part of this project.

The 1.6 update actually resolves the square cover art issue for music. Is this not working for you?

No I am sorry. It does not.

In the overview (grid) everything is ok. But when I go deeper to the single titles they have the covers in DVD ratio instead of square.


I do not seem to see how this works either.

I have one share dedicated to music. I have it organised in grid View by artist, and within that grid view by album. Finally I have the album tracks in List view. I was hoping that the grid view icons would be square, but they are not and have the DVD cover aspect ratio. However as I cannot see any way to tell Media Player that these particular folders are music I do to see how Media Player can know I want square icons for the folders.

The change in 1.6 actually only relates to the music files themselves. If you view a folder of music tracks (while in grid view) the cover art will be square instead of rectangle.

That’s about as advanced as we’ll be able to get until the Library View is implemented.

OK - but since all tracks within an album normally have the same cover art I do not find having the music files in grid view is particularly attractive

That’s about as advanced as we’ll be able to get until the Library View is implemented.

I would still like the ability to specify that the folder icons in a grid view should have square icons even if I am not using library view.

What happened to this issue?

Is it still not possible to see rectangular CD covers as a rectangle?

Are there no other user who want correctly displayed covers?


I have been very interested in this project.

But over one year later I have to say that nothing has happened.

A lot of US specific features have been integrated but Europe does not seem to be the target of the product.

Since the first day I am waiting for “square covers” and thought that this should not be to hard to achieve,

if you compare it to the other work that had been done.

Today I have to say

  1. No square covers since one year

2. Mainly US features (f.e. Skygo Europe over webbrowser would be great)

But thank you for the work until today, but I can’t seen the benefit of futures developments.


Did anything change until now?

My CD Covers (not the tracks) are still shown in DVD cover format and now square.