Music and photos not showing on Infuse5 Pro over SMB share

I have just purchased Infuse5 and am using it on ATV4K and iPad all with latest OS’s. I have setup an SMB share to my Synology NAS, and can see folders for movies, music, and photos. The movies play fine from the NAS to both ATV4K and iPad, but when I select a folder for music it shows album artwork and folders (arranged by artist) but no music. If O click the album artwork it says “empty folder, move along, nothing here”. Similarly in photo folders, no media files show up. Full read permission is setup on the NAS for this user.

Please advise.

Currently Infuse only plays video.

That’s very bad. I only bought it to use as an audio player! The web site says:

“HD quality audio - Hear every detail with added support for 24-bit Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio.” and goes on ti list the audio formats “AAC AC3 E-AC3 DTS DTS-HD MA FLAC MP3 OGG TRUEHD WMA”.

I will need to get a refund from Apple as this is extremely misleading!

Those are the audio formats within a video file that Infuse supports.

If you were expecting an music/audio player then you are correct in requesting a refund from that App Store.

I am hoping that sometime in the future Firecore will update Infuse to support music and photos like the version they had for a jail broken ATV2; but at the moment their focus is on improving video playback and support rather then adding these non-video features.

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