Multiples of the same file

I recently purchased the infuse pro app on the new apple tv. I am enjoying it thus far. I am using the app to access my movies on my Seagate GoFlex Home NAS server. However I have recently added a few older movies to the “movies folder”. When doing this the infuse app showed ~ 50 of the same file. In this case it happens to be Lethal Weapon 4. Now I do like Lethal Weapon 4 just not 50 of them. So I scurried through this forum to see if there was a fix to my problem. To my dismay, I never found anything. I deleted the file hoping the infuse app would update and take all of the files off. It did not. So I then cleared all of the metadata, as that is one thing that was suggested on another similar post. Still 50 Lethal Weapon 4 files. Could someone please help me in figuring out this problem?

Again, the app is great just a few glitches it seems, as is the case with any new hardware and software.

What type of device are you streaming from?

If you enable the ‘show filenames’ option in the Infuse settings menu, do all the files have the same name?

Streaming from an Apple TV4 from a Seagate GoFlex Home NAS Server.

I will check on the “show file names” when I get home today.

Yes all of the file names are exactly the same. And I counted 367 of the same exact file. Crazy right? It is not even showing up on the NAS server at all just on the infuse pro app on the apple tv 4.

So I still can not figure this out. I went and cleared all info on the apple tv app and started from scratch. I went to “favorite” my movies folder and the Lethal Weapon 4 files are still showing up in the app but will not show up on my shared drive (NAS). No one else having this issue? Know how to fix it? Thanks.

Edit: The NAS’ protocol is UPnP/DLNA if that matters at all.

I’m having the same issue. Anyone have any joy with it? Have deleted the file from my NAS but it’s still displaying the movie 3 times in the app.