Multiple webdav with same address syncs incorrectly

Hi, I have several webdav shares with the same base address but different path, and when it syncs in iCloud it merges both as one, and the paths are lost.

Example: address/webdav/share1, address/webdav/share2, address/webdav/share3.

I’ve tried using the address for the full path, and also using the path in advanced, and in both cases the address is converted to address + path.

I’ve also tried to make only one webdav using symlinks but Infuse doesn’t seem to be working with those, they don’t even appear.

Instead of having multiple shares for the same device, you may consider adding a single share and creating separate favorites for the sub-folders/drives.

I can’t, they are only accesible via their path, they are different devices, they just share the same url. I tried using symlinks like I said, to merge them, but they don’t work in Infuse (they work in Webdav tho).