Multiple videos in a folder

Is there any way to show all videos in a single folder sorted in the main tile view?

Folders that have multiple movies in them just show as a generic folder in the main tile view and also unsorted but once you go into it, it will show the cover art.

For instance, I have the 3 Back to the Future films in one folder titled “Back to the Future Trilogy” but none of them populate with cover art in the main tile view and unsorted alphabetically, only after you click into the folder.

Might just be a limitation of Infuse 4 and how it reads folder contents as this also occurs whenever a movie folder has sub folders in it. But wanted to check and if anyone has any suggestions aside from separating every single movie into its own folder.


This is currently working as designed, but what you are hoping for will be available once we implement Library View in 4.2.

any idea of we wen can expect the update? Even simply providing the ability to add our own art to these sub folders would do for the time being

We don’t yet have an ETA for 4.2 (4.1 will be out within the next few days) but you can currently add your own folder artwork by following the steps in the guide below.

Hi James, thanks for the quick reply.

Will this work even with the example given where we have a sub folder inside a fav directory that contains multiple movies? So I have a folder called Back to the Future, and inside that folder there are 3 separate movie files. I want to create artwork for that Back To the Future folder

It will work for any folder. :slight_smile:

However, one thing to keep in mind is that manual artwork is not supported when streaming via UPnP/DLNA.

You Guys are awesome. I just tested it and it is the perfect solution. Thanks for the super quick support.