Multiple versions (via Jellyfin)

I am running a Jellyfin server and for the most part everything works great.

But Jellyfin and Infuse both use different methods of discerning versions of the same movie.
Jellyfin’s solution is to add ’ - ’ followed by user determined tag (ex: ’ - 1080p’, ’ - Director’s Cut’, etc.) This doesn’t work via Infuse.

Using Infuse’s method of ‘{edition-1080p}’ works on Infuse, but doesn’t work via Jellyfin’s WebUI. I’ve tried various ways of trying to combine the two to see if I can make it work somehow, but to no avail. Funny enough, when dealing with 1080p/2160p versions and having the smart grouping setting set to select the highest quality, Infuse does seem to default to 2160p content when streaming, even though the actual metadata on the Infuse app depicts the 1080p version. This, however, does not apply to bitrate, where both versions are the same resolution and one is a lower bitrate than the other. During my testing, Infuse will just read the first nfo listed in the directory and go with that.

Does anyone have a working solution for this - or am I stuck with picking one over the other? Any future plans to make this work somehow?

Jellyfin’s method: Movies | Jellyfin

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