Multiple versions of a TV series


I’d even love to see this for multiple versions (qualities) of an episode for TV Shows


Yes, please! I wrote earlier that I have various shows both on Blu-ray and DVD (because of different foreign language tracks and subtitles which were never released on Blu-ray) and I do not have a way to organize these in Infuse currently. I also have shows which were later released with extended episodes and these also present an issue.

+1! I’d love this feature. There are a few series that released on blu ray for english only, so would be great to have my dvds and blurays separated.

+1, need this

+1, need this

Hi. I have multiple quality versions of the same show in a same folder. I would like Infuse to show those quality as it’s done for Movies. Currently, my episodes are shown twice.

This feature is not yet supported for television shows (TV, with perhaps many dozens of videos per series, is a lot more complicated than movies, which are one-offs).

The current software version supports the multi-version display of movies. I would like to give you a small suggestion. I hope that the multi-version display function of episodes can be added in future version updates. It is really necessary. Thank you so much

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