Multiple versions of a movie

While not ideal, you can make (or download) your own custom poster.jpgs which make such distinctions clear.

I’ve created (consistently templated) custom poster.jpgs for every 4K movie and television series in my collection, plus custom poster images for all titles in my collection with multiple editions (various cuts, various resolutions, Star Wars original trilogy 4K fan-edits). If your tastes are similar to mine, you won’t need to make your own — I’ve uploaded all mine to TMDB (where I’m NYskydiver) … as a way to off-site back up my efforts for free … and to share with any who might appreciate them.


Using jellyfin to server content to Infuse Pro via apple tv.

I have several movies in both 2d and 3d versions.

In Jellyfin, upon selecting “said” movie, you can then chose the file (format).

Using Infuse, it just plays the “1st” I think… Gotta be a bug?

Nope, but I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum requesting that feature.

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Also note, this thread is tagged as “in-progress”.

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With this change being implemented will it pull in multiple versions from different servers? If not I would find it helpful if there was a little tag on search results (on apple tv and iphone) that shows the resolution of a movie/show where there are multiple versions (as ipad does list results you can see this as part of the details)
Sometimes I get 5 results of the same movie in search and have to click into each 1 to find the ‘best’ version.

Maybe delete the “bad” ones? :man_shrugging:t2:

I have 2d and 3d of some - choice is required

In such cases I customize the poster images (and use different fanart images). 4K titles get a banner; presumably 3D can get one too, or an icon. A little bit of photoshop, or searching TMDB or other cover sites for previously made ones saves time, if consistency isn’t essential.

Best we can do in current circumstances.

1 Like seem to have dedicated 3D posters for most movies.

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Yup — and for all alternate versions, and matching sets for TV series (consistently themed season and series posters) and movie franchises. I find them to be the most up-to-date resource for posters. They don’t host any fan art, though, so you’ve got to get that from TMDB.

Another source is … they don’t usually have much for less popular titles or newer ones, but they do have a great selection of transparent logo gifs helpful if you just can’t find the right cover image to put your template on, and need to make one of your own from logo-free artwork.

Anytime I make my own cover from content found on any of the above, I upload copies to TMDB for others to use (but mostly just so I have free online backups). I go by “NJskydiver” there.

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I REALLY hope the Infuse folks do not implement handling of multiple versions of a movie like Plex did…which is terrible. Hopefully it will be a dropdown or button selection after drilling down into the movie sort of like what Emby does.

I don’t know how Plex does it, but I think @james already created the perfect template for handling multiple movie versions (and extras) when he added the Season Selector bar to TV Series.

Instead of “Season 1”, “Season 2” etc… You have links to alternate versions of the same identified title, and any extras content included in the currently selected version’s directory. Perhaps the alternate versions get the yellow/orange buttons and bonus content is placed on the same bar, after, with (let’s say) blue buttons. Infinite scroll as with series of over 40+ seasons, like the US version of Survivor (2000).

I’d be quite happy with that.

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I would like to see a preference per device for automatic quality selection. So if on Apple TV, always do highest quality. If on iPhone do lower quality. If more than that then prompt or selector.

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Understandable; but only half the problem. Most of my duplicate movies aren’t due to differing quality but differing edits (theatrical, extended, unrated, and final cuts, workprints, fan-made reconstructions, widescreen vs 4x3 of older films vs IMAX for newer ones)… those sorts of things.

For now, I use different custom cover images to tell them apart (and different fanart just because … variety is nice) and that actually works rather well.

Infuse also sorts out the 4K versions into their own section (or 1080p or 720p if you wanted to) so that also helps with quality versioning.

Yes that’s what I meant by

This doesn’t really help since I cannot search or filter multiple criteria.

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To be honest just having the resolution next to the year. Similar to how it displays in list view.

Like this (excuse the rough edit)

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Hopefully stacked filters will be added soonish. :crossed_fingers:t3:

How about this? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (All my custom covers are available on TMDB)

That would be great except when refreshing metadata it will automatically pull down the defaults

No, these jpgs are stored locally with the files on my server. Their presence overrides any art that would otherwise be downloaded from TMDB.

Yes, functionally that would work but the downside is it clutters up the screen putting a thumbnail for each resolution. Having just one thumbnail, selecting it and a small pop up allowing the user to choose the version they want to see, for example, 4K, 1080p, 720p etc… seems more practical, if not at least more pleasing for the user to deal with. Dealing with different type of edits vs resolution might be a bit more difficult to implement but maybe @james has a solution.

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