Multiple versions of a movie

Sorry but that was the premier reason I went with Infuse in the first place. Didn’t want or need to have a different machine running a server and support app. It just works great as it is and doesn’t really need the headache of adding other apps to just make it work. :wink:

I even deleted my early plex server (that was a CONSTANT pain) completely and didn’t look back.


Hi, I add my vote on this feature request. It is the only thing that makes the library look messy. Thanks!

Another use for this would be when there’s a colorized and non-colorized version of a movie in the collection (It’s a Wonderful Life, for example).

I think you CAN get around this by using XML files to specify your own metadata, but it would be nice to have Infuse handle this automatically as managing the XML files manually could turn into a nightmare if you have a lot of files that fall into this situation.

I made an account to bump this. Let’s do this!!