Multiple versions of a movie

Please consider adding this back onto the upcoming planned features list. There was never really an explanation as to why it was delivered for Plex users and not for non-Plex users. I can only assume it fell into the “technically difficult” category of change.





Just started using infuse. It’s great.

Could really use this feature to separate 1080p from the 4ks

I have no idea why support for this was announced 18 months ago and immediately fell off the coming features list, but at this stage I have no confidence that it will ever happen.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure of a workaround. Looks like we will have to wait to see if this is actually released.

I just put all 4ks in a folder, hd another folder, sd another. Then depending on the device I adjust what folder I am using for my library.

I would also really appreciate this, as my friends and I share libraries and we have duplicates of several movies! Flattening them with a choice (or even defaulting to local & hiding others) would be ideal for me! :slight_smile:

I note that this is planned for the 6.4.1 release for Emby and Jellyfin users, but Infuse users that do not use an external media manager continue to miss out.

Very disappointing :frowning:

Before you get REAL disappointed, note that it’s not slated for 6.4.1 it’s 6.4.X which means that somewhere in that number range but not necessarily the first one. We can still hope that Infuse purists will be remembered somewhere in the process. :wink: There is one High point, with the new server location added to the description page for movies you can place your multiple copied movies in folders with names that refer to the resolution. I have my 4K dupes of lower res movies in a folder named 4K so at lest when scrolling through a couple of duplicates without knowing it’ll be a bit more obvious which is which for now. You could do the same for Director Cuts, Anniversary Releases, Edited for TV, etc.

Does anyone know if the new upcoming feature will allow the co-listing of movies from different servers (Plex and Jellyfin)? I have many friends you share their Plex server with me, and I myself run several Plex and Jellyfin servers. I typically see at least three copies of each movie in the Library view.

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Anybody’s found any workaround for this in the meantime please? I really don’t want to run Plex nor Emby just because of this.

How are you all folks managing multiple versions and/or extras. My library is just a mess of duplicates :disappointed:


To manage my content I use Tiny Media Manager to scrape my files which also creates .nfo files.

When I have more than one version of a film I manually edit the title to indicate if its an alternate version like The Town, Mad Max Fury Road Black and Chrome Edition, Waterworld the Ulysses Cut

Thankfully Infuse reads nfo files, not all media centers do (it’s my biggest nitpick with Plex Media Server) and the movie title is scraped accordingly. It’s getting better now but finding the right poster art to visually indicate an alternate version was the hardest part.

New to Infuse, long time Emby user… love the app but missing the multi-version selection.

I noticed it’s on the ‘Upcoming features’ post and listed as coming soon on the ‘Streaming from Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin’ help/support page. Just hoping soon is… soon!


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Hi guys

I have been using Infuse for a year now and am overall quite happy.

This feature is one of the last major usability issues I have with Infuse.

I understood that it was in “the backlog” for one of the upcoming releases.

Releases have come and gone, is there any progress with this?

Yep, was in the backlog and then got dropped. Very Sad :cry:

Is there any indication of when it’s coming? Or any info on why this is so difficult?

It seems it’s a very popular feature after all.

I guess we just need to get more people liking this thread :heart:

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I just hope when it does get here it’s available for Infuse purists who don’t run Plex, jellyfin, duodenal ulcer, or what ever other servers people run today.


May we tempt you Bullseye :wink: