Multiple versions of a movie

Yes! This would be great!

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With the new icloud sync engine, can we imagine a multiple version for non-plex share even if the match is made manually ?


100% +1. Albeit I have numerous server racks and servers, racks handling 4K and 8K lossless content for McIntosh Labs home theatre systems and Synology DS918+ servers for light/away from home streaming and most newer hardware handles H.265, yet there are times when I have various movies with DTS tracks that won’t play even with stereo audio tracks always being default. I’ve had to create subfolders and/or rename the various other versions which isn’t fun especially as I painstakingly metatag everything according to universal standards for proper local caching.

Being able to recognize the differences between files (DTS, H265, 4K, 1080P, etc) and “stacking” the films as though they were in a series, allowing the user to click on the film and see the various versions available for play would be perfect. Storage space isn’t a problem (for most), having the ability to maintain a library with various versions of the same title would be the best addition to Infuse 6.

Also, proper tagging/caching of Extras, deleted scenes, etc would be incredible. I often keep them in a subfolder for each movie yet even though they’re tagged (via Subler or another tagging/remuxing app), Infuse always mistags them and doesn’t read the included local tagged content.

I would absolute love to see how big your cache folder is… that’s one hell of a setup you have.

I’m looking for a way to differentiate between the theatrical release and director / extended cut releases. I am aware that doesn’t support this currently but it would be a great innovation if Infuse could manage to produce a solution for multiple versions of the same move, albeit with different run times.

With all the metadata InFuse has on each file it should be possible to identify what is different about the versions – at the moment the Plex implementation shows resolution and bitrate, but if there are significantly different running times then that would also be something to identify. There could also be file naming conventions for theatrical/extended/uncut etc.

However, I’m not sure if any progress is being made on multiple versions for non-Plex content.

Any updates on this + @James?

In my opinion, this is the biggest drawback with Infuse vs. Plex.

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Multiple versions work pretty well with Plex content through Infuse (though there could be a bit more info to help tell the versions apart), is it really too hard to extend the functionality to non-Plex content?

Is anyone else interested in this feature or is just not an issue for most people?

I think if you read this thread and those referenced in it you’ll see that there is quite a bit of interest in this feature both with plex and as a feature of Infuse only.

It seems to have fallen off the upcoming features list which is disappointing because lots of Infuse users that dont use a Plex setup would love the ability to select from multiple versions of a movie

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I’m hoping that with the re-write of the bones in Infuse the multiple versions for non plex users will resurface. I really could take advantage of that too.

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Definitely still waiting for this. Have to keep my libraries separate in the meantime.

Still waiting :wink:

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How can we switch to the timeline where this happened :slight_smile:

Yes please!

Would love to see this as a non-Plex user!

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This is a desperately needed feature at this point. Any feedback?