Multiple versions of a movie

Well, I am using 3D on my Beamer very often.

As I said, this was not meant to be a discussion idea.
It’s just to show, how it works on the Zidoo Hometheater.
I have moved to Zidoo due to several reasons.

It actually solves quite some problems and topics, which are discussed here.
I still have two ATVs with infuse. But I mainly use them for streaming.

Okay. I stay with this one. It’s much cleaner and user friendly than the actual “beta”.

Hello. I have multiple entries for movies and tv etc because i have multiple servers i use to host media. Anyways to “collapse” them so to speak? Plex does this automatically and has one entry per film but allows you to select which source if you want to. Please tell me theres a way to do it, and if not please add this to the program as its sorely needed. Thanks


I moved your post to a suggestion thread and note it’s tagged as “in-progress”. :wink:

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