Multiple versions of a movie

Well, I am using 3D on my Beamer very often.

As I said, this was not meant to be a discussion idea.
It’s just to show, how it works on the Zidoo Hometheater.
I have moved to Zidoo due to several reasons.

It actually solves quite some problems and topics, which are discussed here.
I still have two ATVs with infuse. But I mainly use them for streaming.

Okay. I stay with this one. It’s much cleaner and user friendly than the actual “beta”.

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Hello. I have multiple entries for movies and tv etc because i have multiple servers i use to host media. Anyways to “collapse” them so to speak? Plex does this automatically and has one entry per film but allows you to select which source if you want to. Please tell me theres a way to do it, and if not please add this to the program as its sorely needed. Thanks


I moved your post to a suggestion thread and note it’s tagged as “in-progress”. :wink:

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This is actually an awesome representation and a shot in the right direction. Thanks @FLSkydiver. And this way it’d be much easier to include TVShows too.

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Addon request following the implementation of multiple versions: would it be possible to have settings for prefered resolutions for different devices? i.e. TV gets 4K, laptop gets 1080p, mobile gets 720p, etc. That way for example whenever I want to make one of my movies available offline I know that the massive 4K file isn’t being downloaded, or I don’t have to select a download quality every time I download something?

I haven’t closely eyed these forums so if this has already been discussed then please disregard.

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@Frank_Platt i love your idea and would very much find it helpful as we have multiple Apple TVs, Laptops, iPads, & iPhones in the house and they all use Infuse but each differently. Different quality defaults would make everything easier, especially for those less technically inclined (everyone, except me).

Plan is to have the option to choose default quality per device:

That’s a bit simplistic to only have 2 options but as a first implementation it’ll have to suffice. It would work well for my Apple TV 4K to have the highest but I definitely wouldn’t want the highest on the iPad but certainly not the lowest either.

How many quality versions do you have? Not accounting for Director cuts etc.

How does Infuse decide which file has the highest quality?

File name? Video Resolution? File Codec? File Size? Colorspace? Audio Channels? Video / Audio Bitrates?

AS long as there is a 4k version, I usually rip 3 versions:

  1. Large 4k, usually a BluRay rip.
  2. Either a more compressed 4k version or a good quality 1080p.
  3. More compressed 1080p version.

It currently only looks at resolution and dynamic range. But the beta testing is still ongoing. That might change for the release

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

We’re reworking the flow for how this works, and there is now a dedicated row with text-based buttons showing the available versions. This allows the video picker row in the lower area to remain as it was in 7.4.10.

We are also planning to integrate support for descriptive tags from the filenames (cuts, parts, etc…) but this hasn’t been added yet.

There is also a new setting which will allow you to fine-tune which version is auto-selected when opening the details page. Auto selects the best version for the device, but you can also choose highest quality or lowest quality.


Awesome. :clap:t3:

It remains to add the option of choosing a theatrical or director’s version of the film. As it happens on some BluRay editions. For example, Terminator-2.

The planned support would be for recognition of tags contained in the video’s filename, like some other media players do.

For example.

  • Blade Runner (1982) {edition-Director’s Cut}.mp4
  • Blade Runner (1982) {edition-Final Cut}.mkv
  • Fellowship of the Ring pt1.mkv
  • Fellowship of the Ring pt2.mkv

Support for multiple video tracks in a single file would be a separate feature, but there is a thread for this.


Awesome! Much much better James!

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Good job!! Way better this way.

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