Multiple versions of a movie

Yes, this is more or less what we are working to implement.

This will be a smart grouping of movies which have matching metadata IDs from TMDB. This will allow for grouping of multiple copies (resolution, cut variations, or duplicates) to be grouped without cluttering up the Library.

  • Items with the same metadata ID will automatically be grouped while browsing the Library
  • Grouping will work with items from a single source or multiple sources
  • Pick a version to play on the pre-playback screen (similar to collections)
  • Metadata changes will apply to the selected item only (in case an item in a group is misidentified)
  • Browsing direct via folders will continue showing individual items (similar to collections)

If im understanding this right then that sounds perfect.
Just to clarify this means “Movie” that is on Plex, G-Drive and dropbox for example will show as ONE listing with the multiple versions/resolutions available within?

Yes, that is correct. :slight_smile:


Does this also mean we will be able to have custom artwork and metadata for each different version so we can delineate between differences like directors cut, theatrical release, extended release, 3D, etc?

Or will we just have to look at the file name at the bottom of the pre-playback screen to see what the difference is?

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Yes, unless complications come up, both of these should be working.



Sounds great. Looking forward to seeing it!

Great to hear that a long long awaited feature is being implemented. Just wondering, since the title says movie and most of the discussions on this thread revolves around movies, are TV shows getting no love in this feature :cry:? I have 4K and 720p (to stream on thinner clients used by my family) versions of most of my shows and it would be a shame not to have this awesome feature for them too! @james

Unfortunately, TV shows aren’t going to be supported at this time.

If you have duplicates of all your series the best option may be to put them in separate folders, and create favorites for each. This would allow you to browse by favorite, or add one of the favorites to the library - depending on the device you are streaming on.

Sad to hear the implementation ignores multiple versions of TV show episodes. :frowning: Was hoping it would be a universal in nature, a la my post earlier in this thread.

I understand, but if you look over the implementation details listed above this isn’t really conducive for multiple seasons and episodes. For TV shows, these would already be grouped together under a single item in the library, you would just see duplicate episodes when entering the series details page.

Of course, if you are using something like Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin the version selection feature is handled differently (Plex is currently working, and Jellyfin/Emby support is planned).

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Hang on, is support for multiple versions of movies in Jellyfin not included in this ‘in-progress’ feature??

It’s technically a different feature than what is being discussed here, but hopefully it will make it into the 7.5 release as well.

Edit: This is the topic to follow.


Early preview of what this will look like. :slight_smile:

If someone has multiple versions of the same identified film (either different edits and/or different resolutions/bitrates) and they are all collapsed to one item in the library, and the user also has custom artwork saved locally with the file to distinguish these items … how will Infuse determine which artwork is used for the collapsed library item?

Will TMDB have (and will Infuse access) updated title / plot / cast / etc. details reflecting changes between different versions; or is this simply merging library items currently recognized as the same title?

Will each items’ user-customized fanart be displayed on the details page based on whichever is selected?

Will collapsing such “duplicates” in the library views be optional?

Weird to say, but I’ve grown happy enough with my workaround and don’t want to lose the work put into it. :man_shrugging:t2:

The main item would use artwork from the first item, but you would be able to override artwork for either using your own NFO and artwork files. Editing metadata for one item, would not affect the other(s).

Also, TMDB has hinted they may add support for multiple cuts at some point in the future and these would be available to Infuse if/when they are added.

Pretty sure the Cast and Crew from the 300 Extended Cut looks like the DCU Justice League ensemble

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Yep. Most is dummy data from an NFO file. :slight_smile:


Any thought into implementing this stacked as 1 movie with buttons or dropdown (like Emby) to select the version you wish to play? Here is a concept photo that is in another thread on here as an example.


Unfortunately I had to discontinue allowing Infuse to view my local .NFO files (which I used to edit movie titles to [1] differentiate between alternate versions and [2] allow films from franchises to be listed together in chronological release-date order when using “sort by title”) when Firecore’s addition of support for Cast & Crew override via .NFO broke Infuse’s internal Cast & Crew database and search feature.

Have you yet looked into fixing that issue?

Or, while I have your attention, checked to see why “Sort by Filename” is still neither sorting by filename nor parent-folder name?