Multiple versions of a movie


Between this thread and the other thread there are clearly a lot of people who are hanging out for this feature – more than some of the other features that have been implemented or are on the roadmap. For something that was raised almost 2 years ago and announced for 5.7.4 it’s frustrating that this still isn’t even on the roadmap anymore. James, can we please have an update on this feature?


Please add this feature onto the backlog for upcoming enhancements. Many users are looking for this capability without having to use a Plex Server.

As much as I appreciate (and agree with) your support on this, Firecore has modified the first post requesting that support for this be voiced in the link added to the first post under the Mod edit. This is to make it easier to tally support in one place instead of trying to combine multiple threads and then remove duplicate up votes.

Now when ever you feel you want to reiterate your support that’s probably the best place to do that. :wink:

I truly do appreciate the support. Thank you!

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I have issues with a great Collections feature. Sometimes different versions of the same movie (ie. open matte in 1080p and regular in 4k) are wrapped in the Collection sometimes don’t.
For example Doctor Strange files wrapped fine while Fury didn’t with the same naming patterns.
Metadata seems to work fine as I see while “editing” it, there is a correct cover on both.

Can I fix it on my side somehow (naming pattern?) or how should I report? Thanks!

P.S. Movies are stored on Apple TC A1470, ATV 4K (2021), Infuse Pro.

Just wanted to pull up this topic: trying to do some library cleanup I realized I have several cases where I have either multiple version based on quality (i.e. 4K and 1080) or multiple version based on different cut/edition. There should be a way to group them together and display them as one single entry in the library with the possibility to play the version you want.

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I have both 1080 and 2160 Apple TVs in my house, as such, I have copies of the same movie to play on both types for TVs. It would be nice to be able to have these combined in the movie listings so I don’t have duplicates show up. And id like to be able to tell which is which without leaving on filenames to distinguish. (I also have some very old 480p/720p files that it would be nice to be able to distinguish resolution without a folder structure to accommodate).

I’m thinking of an auto select for the video when playing, but also a selection choice too. Kind of like how youtube chooses the best resolution based on streaming/but allows you to override that choice if you want.

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+1 would love this

Many of the movies in my library are available in 4k remux and 1080p. In home theater mode, I usually play the 4k remux version, but when I’m using cellular data, I choose to play the 1080p version. But in infuse, this produces a poster for both.

Is it possible to add a resolution selection feature like the emby client?


I second this! This is a “must have” feature! Being able to see just one poster for each selection (tv show or movie) , then select which version (ie. which share, which file name) in a splash screen, would be amazing!

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This is now the top item in wishlist! Keep the likes coming!!

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Now I wish I could like it more!

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I have included 2 Plex service servers, and there are several movies and series that are repeated. Infuse could be configured so that it would not repeat the movie posters, and only one would appear. And when I select said movie, that of the option to select the server, type of resolution etc.

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What would be even better is if Infuse can supercede version selection from each share, and consolidate media across all shares into a single title selection (ie. exactly 1 movie poster and 1 tv show poster displaying in the library - regardless of the number of shares or file versions)

ie. - theoretical example:

Step 1. Click on Avatar (movie)

Step 1. see versions (in a popup) as follows

Jellyfin 1A (with file information displayed beside each)
Jellyfin 1B (selection in same library - as shown in your post)
Jellyfin 2
Plex 1
Emby 1
Emby 2

Step 3. Click selection to play from the popup

[The above should also be applicable for tv show titles/posters ]

In my opinion, this change would essentially make Infuse the only legitimate media solution on the market.



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For anyone who has used a workaround with NFO/XML to get this functionality, what would that involve? Could you post more details?

Ideally I’d just use the NFO/XML file to only override the title and artwork and let the automatic scraping fill in the remaining metadata, although I’m not even sure that’s possible (i.e., are NFO/XML files all-or-nothing data sources?). But even assuming that works, what would I name the multiple copies of the files/folders to get the auto-detection to work but keep unique filenames (so they don’t clash on the filesystem)?

I’m mainly interested in using this for movies that have multiple different editions/cuts (LOTR, Star Wars, etc)

What’s the ETA here?