Multiple versions of a movie


waiting for this new feature.

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Repost* (Still waiting for this patiently - as are alot of us! - what is the holdup? :slight_smile: )

Please consider this key request, for the sake of the future/current success of Infuse! (fingers crossed)

What would be even better is if Infuse can supercede version selection from each share, and consolidate media across all shares into a single title selection (ie. exactly 1 movie poster and 1 tv show poster displaying in the library - regardless of the number of shares or file versions)

ie. - theoretical example:

Step 1. Click on Avatar (movie)

Step 1. see versions (in a popup) as follows

Jellyfin 1A (with file information displayed beside each)
Jellyfin 1B (selection in same library - as shown in your post)
Jellyfin 2
Plex 1
Emby 1
Emby 2

Step 3. Click selection to play from the popup

[The above should also be applicable for tv show titles/posters ]

In my opinion, this change would essentially make Infuse the only legitimate media solution on the market.


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waiting for this new feature.


Hello to all the community ! Sorry if the message is not totally well translated since I am French, and I used a translator.

I would like to make a few suggestions:

  1. When we have several versions of a film (for example dvdrip and a 4K film), on the product sheet we see the different versions at the bottom, would it be possible to select the desired version directly in the “video” tab During the lecture ? To avoid making several round trips.

  2. When we are on an actor’s file, we see all the films in our library in which he has acted.
    It would be great to view in another row, all the films in which he played, but that we do not have in the library and thus see his filmography.

Or, display the actor’s entire filmography, and highlight the films available in the library with a badge.

  1. This has been mentioned many times in other threads, but I insist on being able to see a movie’s trailer on its page (with the IMDb database).

Thank you for your feedback!


Bonjour à toute la communauté ! Désoler si le message n’est pas totalement bien traduit puisque je suis français, et j’ai utilisé un traducteur.

Je voudrais faire quelques suggestions :

  1. Lorsque nous avons plusieurs versions d’un film (par exemple dvdrip et un film 4K), sur la fiche produit on voit les différentes versions en bas, serait-il possible de sélectionner la version voulue directement dans l’onglet « vidéo » lors de la lecture ? Pour éviter de faire plusieurs aller-retour.

  2. Lorsqu’on est sur la fiche d’un acteur, nous voyons tous les films de notre bibliothèque dans lesquels il a tourné.
    Ça serais super de visualiser dans un autre rang, tous les films dans lequel il a joué, mais que l’on ne dispose pas dans la bibliothèque et ainsi voir sa filmographie.

Ou alors, afficher toute la filmographie de l’acteur, et mettre les films disponibles dans la bibliothèque en avant avec un badge.

  1. Cela a déjà évoqué plusieurs fois dans d’autres sujets, mais j’insiste sur le fait de pouvoir voir la bande-annonce d’un film sur sa page (avec la base de données IMDb).

Merci de vos retours !

I moved your post to currently running thread for this suggestion.

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It makes it far easier to show support for suggestions when you limit your suggestions to one per thread. That way people can pick which ones they support.

You may want to start a new suggestion for this by itself. Infuse currently will show you what movies or TV shows an actor is in within your library. As to all videos and films and TV show that you don’t have would create a massive database and probably cause space problems but that’s just my thoughts on it.

I saw where you’ve already found that suggestion thread and have added your support. :+1:


Does clicking on the Heart icon mean I voted for this feature? Thanks!


Yup it does!

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As long as it’s the heart in the first post. :wink:


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Possibly merge these (green circle) 2 together into 1 item view and then just have a pop up to pick the resolution. Similar to when you get the “versions” option.

Feature targeted for users who keep both 2160p DV/HDR10 and 1080p of the same item.
Makes less clutter. Example above is with using PMS but it could work with all shares if the metadata matches :smiley:

Totally optional toggle in the general setting similar to Show Filenames.


I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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Oh thanks :smiley: I couldn’t find it via search prior to posting

6 years almost shesssssssh

Yeah. And almost 180 likes :confused:.
I wouldn’t think it that hard to implement, considering both versions are already treated as the same file by Infuse, anyway (they share TMDB metadata and watch progress status, for example).

What I’ve done is photoshop custom poster artwork (stored locally with each file) to visually differentiate between my movies with different resolutions (my 4K posters utilize the same, easily identifiable top banner) or different edits.

One could take this a step further and create a custom collection that only includes versions of the same movie; and with collection grouping enabled in the library, all these versions should show up under one poster, after which one then decides which version to watch; which would be functionally equivalent to serving this request (though less attractive than a pop-up asking which version to play).

Biggest problems with doing that, though, are this forces users to use Collection Grouping when they’d otherwise not want to, and our inability to override Infuse’s horrid auto-generated collection posters with artwork of our own choosing.

I’ve recently pulled a lot of 1080p SDR-version movies off my server (for titles I also have in 4K DV/HDR) due to space constraints and that’s reduced clutter (since I rarely access my server away from home these days) but still have a few left to take a couple pics:

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Dear Infuse

Would it be possible to change the Version Selection, if you have at least 2 different Versions of the same Movie, say Extended, Theatrical, DC and so forth.

As it is now, you have the file size and container info, which sometimes can be hard to tell, if it is version one, for example The Theatrical Version, or Version two, for example a DC Version (Apocalypse Now, comes to mind).

Put the Versions in conjunction with the name of the file you have natively.

Kind regards.

I moved your post to an already running thread requesting this feature.

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Hello all,

  1. It’s possible to have multiple versions and select one? For example a movie in 1080p or 4K and just select the version you want instead of having the movie duplicated?

  2. A way to find duplicated movies? A have a lot of folders that and movies. It’s a pain going through all the library looking for duplicates.

  3. Check how many episodes I have in a tv show. Example: Breaking Bad “available 55/63 episodes.”

  4. Audio timing? Since it’s possible with subtitles and in VLC I think it should be possible in infuse? Sometimes I have to adjust the audio in VLC to then match it in MKVToolNix. It should be better if I can adjust the audio in infuse instead of VLC.

  5. Be able to restring an episode or movie with the MPA film ratings. Some times an episode has the rating “R” but next episode not and kids can be able to bypass that even with restriction enabled.


I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Also it’s best to search the suggestions forum for requests before starting a new thread that way you don’t dilute the interest between multiple threads and the devs can focus on one request per thread. :wink:

It’s best to not have multiple suggestions in one thread so people can vote for an individual suggestion.

This was just introduced in 7.4.7 for ATV


Voted for this feature as well since like many here do not use plex server and I would like to have the ability to use a different format/resolution of the same media depending on the device I am using.

I’ll check back progress in 6 years time :smiley:


Marked as planned for 7.5 (January)!! :grinning: