Multiple versions of a movie

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First post being a feature request - sorry! :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to have multiple versions added to the naming scheme, something like this:

  • My awesome vacation (2017)
    • My awesome vacation (2017) [1080p].mkv
    • My awesome vacation (2017) [2160p].mkv

Background is that some devices in the house are not 4k-able and this way, I could select which version to play beforehand, similar to what Emby provides (see screenshot). This would also avoid having duplicate entries within the library :slight_smile: Or maybe there’s another way to accomplish this?


Although not necessarily ideal, you can put different qualities in different directories and exclude those from library

I have a similar „problem“ with 3D/2D versions of the same movie. Or theatrical version and extended cut.


Same for me

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I just thought about the same suggestion. It would also be really helpful if you want to take a movie with you (downloading it on your ipad), but want to choose a smaller version, for example only 720p or 1080p instead of 2160p.

I had the same issue with trailers not being shown and put them in a sub folder. I will start doing the same with movies I have 3d versions of next to the normal 2d hd files.

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Same for me, some options for this would be nice

I have similar issue with language version.

But I suspect this would be more complicated.

However, if it’s possible it would be great if Infuse could scan audio tracks and display flags or text names for the languages.

I have a variety of English and Polish movies. And only some of them has double tracks inside one file.

Sometimes popular movie has at least 3 audio tracks, English (original), Polish (lector), Polish (dubbing). But sometimes I have them as two separate files, one with original English, and second, a Polish edition.


It’d be great to be able to have multiple versions (different resolutions and audio tracks) of the same movie show as one entry with an option to select which one is played without having to have Plex involved, just Infuse.

This feature was listed as “Pending” and was noted in another thread

Those of us who are “Infuse” purists and have zero interest in running a Plex server shouldn’t have to take a back seat in the features arena. Would be nice to at least get back on the Pending list for Infuse only features.

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For reference, NC is referring to this discussion: Add Support for 'Play Version' for those who don't use Plex

This is an issue, indeed. It happens to get two versions of the same movie - one higher quality, but original audio only and one lower quality, but with voices in my language. This mostly happens with my daughter animations, of course, but no the less - it happens :-D.

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This is much needed!

I’ve got most of my movies encoded in 2 or more qualities. With over a 1000 movies, seeing doubles or triples creates a hell of a mess :frowning: This is one of the main reasons I’m still using Plex. It’s much more pressing for non-tech savvy family members because for them it just looks like a bug and they can’t tell what’s going on.

Totally agree, in my case i have a lot of 3D movies and it would be great if i could see some “3D” tag (similar to the new “4K” in order to select the version i wanted to see.
Thumbs up !!!

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Definite +1 for me. I have full ISOs in InFuse and lower-quality MP4s in Plex. It would be great to have both versions grouped together in the InFuse library, though I’m not assuming this would be simple to do!


This would be good for multi servers also to avoid having duplicate entries within the library


This would be great, especially since 4K is being more and more popular . Any updates on this @James?

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