Multiple USB connections??

Will the ATV with AtvFlash installed handle multiple USB devices? In other words, can I connect a USB hub, then attach an external drive and a keyboard to use simultaneously?

Yes, multiple USB drives can be connected. For multiple USB devices a powered USB hub is recommended.


Did you manage to get multiple drives working or was it just 1 drive plus keyboard? I did try to attach 2 external HDDs via a powered hub but although NitoTV saw both drives it would only read the files on the drive that was first accessed.

Haven’t tried it yet–Powered USB hub is in the mail. My goal is external drive, wireless keyboard, and loop controller all plugged in and working simultaneously. Will let you know!

Some hubs work better than others. Belkin hubs seem to be quite reliable.

Out of interest I’m using an Icy Box IB-3221STU-B 2x3.5" SATA HD enclosure with both 1.5tb and a 500gb SATA drives quite successfully which only needs the one USB port, haven’t tried it yet through a hub.