Multiple tech questions (and maybe some bugs)

  1. Why is Infuse transcoding the container?
    STREAM Direct Stream
    VIDEO Direct Stream (H264 1080p)
    AUDIO Direct Stream (EAC3 5.1)

  2. When I turn on Bluetooth headphones while playing a video (tv show or movie) in Infuse on Apple TV 4K, the audio in my headphones is split with music/background audio coming through the left ear and vocals coming through the right ear. The only way to fix this is to back out of the show and then load it again.

  3. Why is volume boost available sometimes and others it doesn’t? When it does appear it doesn’t work with headphones on. I’ll choose boost 400% and it will pause and then play but the audio stays the same volume as when the setting is disabled?

  4. I was watching Ready Player One in 4K and had a couple “hiccups” in playback, where the video clip would pause for a second once or twice during the film. I didn’t know if it would be the hard drive it was playing off of or the file, but I haven’t had the issue before.

Good questions!

  1. There may be some other settings in Plex that are causing this, as Infuse doesn’t actually support transcoding at this time. FWIW, the container will not have an impact on playback quality.

  2. Are you running the latest 5.7.5 update (check by scrolling to the bottom of Infuse > Settings)? A few fixes for audio channel mapping were added in this update, and we’re also working to improve support for AirPlay 2, which could also impact some Bluetooth headphones.

  3. What type of headphones are you using?

  4. Did you see a spinner on the screen, like the video was buffering? If so, this may indicate a network or some other bottleneck on the device you are streaming from.

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  1. cool, I figured as much.
  2. Infuse Pro 5.7.5 (2154)
  3. Sony 1000XM2 (amazon link I will say that the volume boost concept that if available universally (across tv shows and movies) would be wonderful because both the headphones and the apple tv are running at “max volume” but I know they can get louder. It’s kind of annoying when it I can’t raise the volume.
  4. No spinner. It must have been my hard drive that they were located on because I believe someone else was streaming from it as well)