Multiple Synced Plex Servers

I have three Plex servers on in a DC on 1gb pipe, one each at home and where I work (I work away).

I do this for backup and for choice, sometimes internet is contented then I the option to switch to the local one. I sync them with Goodsync, and been a decent solution so far.

If I switch to Infuse and enter my three Plexes, I presume I’m going to see three of everything. So maybe best if I don’t use Plex locally just infuse? Keep Plex on the one in DC?

Welcome to the forum!

If you add all 3 servers and they contain the same files, you would likely see 3 copies of everything.

However, you have a few options for working around this.

  1. Browse each Plex share using the Plex share favorite on the home screen (you will have one for each server)
  2. Select a single Plex share to include in Infuse’s library (via Settings > Library)
  3. Use a combination of 1 & 2

Additionally, if you are using Infuse on both iOS and Apple TV you can set up the libraries on both devices to look at different Plex servers, if needed.