Multiple subtitles



Right now we can only select subtitles with the same filename as the movie or turned them off completely. It would be nice to be able to select other files where the filename begins with the movie’s filename. For instance:


Thor.avi could have: Thor (PT).srt and Thor (EN).srt or something like that.

Perhaps in a future version - I’ll see what we can do.

Another vote for adding multiple external srt subtitle support.  I want to be able to switch between just the foreign language subtitles and the full english subtitles depending on who is watching with me.  (My brother is loosing his hearing so we always turn the full subtitles on when he is here.)  If I could just include multiple srt files that are prefixed with the movie file name that would be wonderful!

Do either of you have a reason to not use internal subtitles?

You can use a program like MKVToolnix (available on all major OSes) to add/remove multiple video/audio/subtitle tracks to a single .mkv container.

I have some videos with multiple video tracks, multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitle tracks and the ATV Flash media player handles it perfectly.

When creating the new file in MKVToolnix you can set which tracks you want to be default.

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