Multiple subtitles per media file


does media player support different language .srt subtitle files?

For example, if I have the media file abc.mkv, and need subs in Greek and English, I would have and .

From what I’ve seen in a friends installation, this leads to subs not being detected. Once renamed to have the same filename as the media file, subs work as expected.


In addition, it would be extremely nice to be able to have a subtitle folder ( usually /subs  or /subtitles ) to keep subtitles away from the media files, but that’s not really a necessity. 


Is this something you are aware of / working on? If so, is there a date estimate? That’s the main thing holding me back since all my media collection has a ton of multiple language subs! 


Thank you in advance,


Yes, support for multiple subtitles was added in version 1.3.

Which version are you currently running?