Multiple Plex Server Issue

I just purchased Infuse Pro Lifetime and quickly discovered an issue when using multiple Plex servers under a single account. One of my servers hosts my native remux movies for local viewing and the other hosts my encoded movies for remote viewing. I’ve configured Infuse on the Apple TV’s in the house to only use the server that has the native remux movies, however, Infuse will randomly switch the collection to the other server even though it’s not even configured to use the other server. I could work around the issue but bypassing Plex, but I’d prefer to make use of the Plex integration to manage my collections.

I’m guessing that iCloud sync is syncing both plex shares to both ATVs.

I’ll let the plex experts chime in though. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, but that’s not it. This problem occurred when I only had a single Apple TV using Infuse. I did however try disabling iCloud Sync as well as configuring both servers but deselecting the library shares on the server I don’t want to use on the local Apple TV’s. Regardless of what I do Infuse will just randomly switch between the two collections even though it still claims to be using the proper one.

I also have multiple Plex servers, and what you probably need to do is to go and disable iCloud Sync, and then configure that aTV libraries for what you want/need. You can also remove the Plex servers you won’t be using on those specific aTV’s.

I completely removed all of the shares/libraries, and disabled iCloud Sync then added the one server to Infuse. Once it completed importing everything I closed the app and relaunched it. It immediately switched to the other server that was never configured. Infuse still claims that the shares/libraries are connected to the correct server but it is pulling from the server that has never been added to Infuse. I can get it to switch back and forth by simply closing Infuse and relaunching it. iCloud Sync isn’t the issue here, and this was a problem when I was just had a single Apple TV configured and nothing else.

Just a question from the sidelines here, are the files named exactly the same on both servers?

Yes with the exception of the file extensions. The movie files on the server that hosts the remuxes are MKV’s while the encoded files on the other server are MP4’s. There is also a large TV series collection that doesn’t exists on the other server that keeps vanishing/reappearing, so it’s completely pulling the library off of the incorrect/unconfigured server.

Did you use the “Clear All Metadata” in settings after you deleted all shares and before you added back only the one you wanted?

I did and I even took it a step further by completely closing the app and uninstalling/reinstalling it and only added the one Plex server with iCloud sync disabled. It’ll even sync with the wrong server on initial setup even though I selected the correct one.

That almost seems like a networking/server naming issue since there’s no way that Infuse would even know about the wrong server after a complete uninstall and starting new.

I don’t know what to tell you. Sorry.

I figured out what was going on…

These two servers are also my redundant network gateway so they share the default gateway IP address between them. Plex is binding to all of the available IP’s on the servers and is advertising them as possible IP’s that Infuse can use to connect to the server. This was causing Infuse to switch back and forth between the two servers as the other server happens to currently be the active gateway and Infuse will use whichever IP responds the quickest.

As there is no decent way to prevent Plex from binding to all of the servers IP’s and their “Preferred Network Interface” is only interface specific and not IP I created a firewall rule to prevent Infuse from communicating with the default gateway IP. Now Infuse is only able to communicate with the actual host IP and things are working as expected. I’ve never had any issues with the official Plex clients, but I’m glad I was able to come up with a workaround so I can start using Infuse. :wink:


Thanks for the follow up! I knew it was some network oddity that would allow Infuse to see a server that wasn’t entered.

Glad you got it figured out! :+1:

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