Multiple oneDrive account is broken?!

Today I upgraded my app to the latest 5?9 version but now I can only login with my first onedrive account and while attempting to login to my second onedrive account it asks me to sign out from the first account before giving me access to my second account. What happened to my favorite app? Is it a bug or it’s going to be this way from now on? I need emergency help on this.

Have you tried logging out of the first OneDrive account before connecting the second account.

The login ‘token’ should be cached in Infuse, but I think you will need to logout of your OneDrive account in the browser before you are able to log in to the second account.

Yes and that’s the problem I said. Before upgrade all of my favorite folders from my multiple onedrive accounts were listed on infuse. But now logging into the onedrive accours inside embedded browser inside infuse & just like onedrive native app, it allows logging into only one onedrive account at a time. So when i try to add my 2nd onedrive account, it loges me out. It gets very hard if i need to watch multiple videos which resides inside various account, as i need to login & log out repeatedly. I want the previous method to be restored and i have access to all of my accounts on one page.

Have you thought about creating shared folders in OneDrive? In theory, this would allow you to access files from multiple accounts by logging in to only one account.

That worked well. Thanks for your help.

Sorry I know this is an old thread, but I am just now realizing I would greatly benefit from storage I already pay for if I’m able to access multiple one drive accounts. I followed the instructions above on sharing a folder and when I log into one drive on-line I can go into the shared section and see it. However, when I am the Infuse app and go to that one drive account I am already mapped to I do not see where to access that shared folder. Any thoughts?

Hi I had exactly the same problem and found a solution. Once you have shared the folders from the extra OneDrive account you then have to religion into the onedrive account that’s associated with infuse on the web browser there you will see shared on the left side click on that then select the folder that’s being shared with you from there you must click show in my onedrive on the top tool bar. It will then show up in infuse. Hope this helps

Thanks Jay! I finally had time to try and fix this and your solution worked perfectly! Really appreciate the help! Cheers!

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