Multiple movie and TV show libraries with separate languages

I am new to Infuse. I have an ATV 4K, movies via SMB on a Synology, in a Plex compliant folder structure.

I have separate folders on the NAS for English and German movies (“Movies” and “Filme”), same for TV Shows (“TV Shows” and “Serien”). On my Plex client the kids can choose only German movies or shows by selecting the appropriate folder.

If I add both German and English folder favourites to the Infuse library they all occur under a single Movies category (or “Filme” in my case), all mixed together. Not only that, the English movie titles are changed to German and so is the metadata. And, since I have several movies in both languages, it looks like I have duplicates. Only by looking at the filename, I can tell which language a movie is.

I even have additional folders with more movies (copied from a friend), in some cases with more duplicates relative to the German and English movies folder. At present, adding those additional folders to the library creates even more duplicates. Hence it would be good to have yet another library movie category to show them separately from the other German and English movies.

Is there any way to create multiple movie (and TV show) categories in the library and select the corresponding folder favourites for those categories? And on top of that select the language of a category so the movies titles remain unchanged and metadata is also in the correct language?

Is any of this possible? If not, is there an ETA?



Add your support to this suggestion to be able define any number of libraries and choosing the metadata engine that will power the matches in each: Allow defining any number of libraries

Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. Guess I have to stick to Plex for a little longer until this is implemented …